Goodbye America, Hello New Zealand!

My ride!
My ride!

Without too much trouble, I managed to get my Air New Zealand boarding passes and make it through security again here at San Francisco, after waiting a while for the counter to open and then checking my carry-on roller as it was too heavy (first airline I’ve flown with a carry-on weight limit, whoops…least it was free!).

Now waiting at the gate, to board in less than 2 hours. WOW what a big plane, and how thrilling to see it sitting here!

Anticipation is growing, but I think I’ll be tired enough to get some sleep on the 13 hour flight to Auckland. It helps that in Seattle I finally got a neck pillow. After the flight here I wonder how I ever did without one!

Once in Auckland, I’ll go through customs (and get my first NZ stamp in my passport!), possibly pick up my now 4 checked bags to drop off again at the domestic terminal (though the airline says they should be checked through to Wellington, but I’m not certain as sometimes they have to be picked up at customs and I’m not sure how they’ll do it), and make it to my final 1 hour flight to Wellington, my new home. My layover in Auckland is 2 hours, so it’ll go pretty quickly…it’ll be interesting to see how busy customs will be at 6 am local.

It’s starting to sink in…oh what a dream.

Goodbye for now America! Goodbye summer! Goodbye Northern Hemisphere! Goodbye Western Hemisphere! Goodbye US Dollar!

Hello new adventures! New Zealand, HERE I COME!!!!! 😀

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  1. Nothing like a new adventure…….your perspectives and pictures on NZ will be appreciated Bekah. Enjoy!

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