US Countdown: 15


I have my work visa and plane tickets, most of my belongings are nearly to my parents’ house by now (where I will have a second pack out to have everything sent to NZ), my bags are about as packed as they can be aside from the final prep of the last few days on Kwaj…and I’m counting down (15 days now!) until I get to go see my family for nearly 3 weeks. After the craziness of the last few months, I’m more or less just in a waiting mode now. I can’t even have any more underwater photo sessions, as my scuba and underwater camera gear has already been sent off.

So as I wait and enjoy looking out over warm blue tropical waters and watch out for falling coconuts, I thought I’d go back and share some of my previous adventures and photos, which I always meant to obsessively document at the time.

The next post I’ll work on will be about Roi-Namur, an island on the north side of Kwajalein Atoll, which I’ve visited twice and wish I had the time to see again.